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Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions 

Aircraft Sales

We craft a custom-targeted marketing program to elevate your aircraft's market position. Leveraging our vast network, comprehensive knowledge of the aviation industry and cutting-edge technologies, we will evaluate and negotiate to secure the most advantageous transaction on your behalf.

Aircraft Acquisitions

Axon Jets is dedicated to guiding first-time and seasoned aircraft buyers throughout the acquisition process, from initial discovery to post-closing. Our bespoke service begins with understanding your needs, goals, budget and timeframe. We then employ our experienced and global team, skilled analysts, advanced applications and extensive market research to find the best aircraft. Throughout negotiations, inspection and closing, our process is confidential, yet we are transparent about the details to ensure a successful acquisition process.


When you are ready to purchase an aircraft, we meet with you to understand your specific needs, goals, budget and desired timeframe. Based on your specifications, we then begin a comprehensive analysis to determine the best target aircraft and go over these options with you so you can make an informed decision.


We utilize our extensive network to identify the best-valued aircraft for sale as well as any off-market and pocket listings not readily available on the open market. We include a detailed breakdown to substantiate each aircraft’s value. Our expert team then negotiates on your behalf and will submit a formal letter of intent to the seller. Once the offer is accepted, an escrow account will be set up for you to wire the agreed-upon fully refundable deposit. Once deposit confirmation is received, arrangements will be made for you to view the aircraft.



The purchase agreement is a contract outlining the structure of the aircraft deal. We will review the contract with you and your attorney and negotiate the terms and any contingencies on your behalf. Once you and the seller agree and sign off on the terms set forth in the purchase agreement, we move immediately into the Pre-Buy Inspection outlined in the Aircraft Purchase Agreement.


During the acquisition process, we will discuss options for aircraft management, Part 135 v. Part 91 operations, and tailor a plan that is best suited for you and your specific goals. This plan will be in place before we close on your aircraft and will include hiring your crew, initiating hangar accommodations and obtaining aircraft insurance.



Our team will select the best pre-buy facility and define the work scope, timeline and terms. An assigned Maintenance Representative (AMR) will supervise the aircraft inspection, review the logbooks, coordinate any necessary repairs and negotiate final concessions.



Once the pre-purchase inspection is complete, we review the findings with you, and you decide if you would like to proceed with the purchase. If accepted, we move to the aircraft closing as defined in the aircraft purchase agreement. Along with the assigned Escrow Agent, we will assist in the acceptance flight, delivery and Federal Aviation Administration documentation.

Once the aircraft is closed, we will initiate the first flight instructions and the delivery of the aircraft.

Selling your aircraft through HMS Aviation provides you invaluable benefits, including:

Decades of experience selling business aircraft

Cross-media exposure to qualified buyers

  • Extensive connections & industry relationships 
  • Comprehensive research & extensive aircraft market data
  • Substantive market evaluation
  • Targeted outreach to qualified domestic and international buyers

Sophisticated technology:

Weekly updates of all competing aircraft and market changes

  • Track every sale and change of ownership in competitive markets
  • Complete specifications, performance and operating data for all business aircraft 
  • Updated operating costs and performance comparisons
  • Comprehensive analysis, market trends, competitive review and international business aviation intelligence
  • High-definition photos, 3D walk-through, video and specifications of your aircraft


2005 Gulfstream G350

Current Listings

2005 Gulfstream G350
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